Peace of Mind for the Entire Family

A Simple Will solves most estate planning needs.

For many families, a simple Last Will and Testament will take care of their estate planning needs. At Eufinger Law Offices, we can prepare a Simple Will for you along with a financial and health care power of attorney and a living will for a low flat rate.

Your Simple Will would include:

  • Your name and address;
  • A provision appointing an executor of your choice – a person who essentially pays your debts, collects your assets, and otherwise manages your estate when you are gone;
  • Guardianship provisions if your beneficiaries may include minor children;
  • And a provision that instructs the executor how your assets shall be distributed to your named beneficiaries when you are gone.

Questions to consider for your Simple Will

  • How would you want your assets to be distributed at the time of your death?
  • Would you like to leave everything to family members?
  • Would you like to make bequests to your friends, your favorite charity or church?
  • Is there anyone you want excluded from receiving part or some of your estate?

Who should have a Simple Will?

Simple Wills are especially important to individuals who are not married, do not have any children, or who have unique goals and objectives in mind such as giving someone an option to purchase real property from your estate or placing conditions upon your bequests.

At Eufinger Law Offices, we pride ourselves on keeping the cost for simple estate planning affordable.

To learn more about preparing a Simple Will, please contact Eufinger Law Offices at 937.642.1819.