Don’t Fall Victim to a Shady Sale

Laws Protect Consumers and Penalize Businesses Who Take Advantage

If you are the victim of a shady sale, a raw deal, or some other business or consumer transaction that did not go as it should have, you do have rights. In many cases, the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act and other similar laws provide protections to consumers and penalties against businesses and suppliers who take liberties with consumer rights.

Eufinger Law Offices are Here to Help You

  • Enforce a contract
  • Get out from under a contract
  • Fight against acts of fraud or dishonesty against you
  • Evaluate your situation
  • Design a cost-effective strategy for recovering your losses
  • Take non-legal steps to protect yourself

We work to keep your costs as low as possible; generally by avoiding a trial. However, we are prepared to take your matter before a court, if necessary, to protect your rights.

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