For Individuals with more Significant Financial Assets

Manage Your Business and Financial Affairs While Maintaining Privacy

We help with evaluating whether you and your family would be better served by a Trust or a simple Will. We consider different aspects of your life including your resources, your family relationships, and your goals.

Trusts, when properly drafted, take on a life of their own and are generally not subject to the same probate process that simple Wills must follow. For example, you can keep your inventory of assets and their appraised values out of the Probate Court’s estate files (and thus out of the public eye) if you direct your assets be distributed through your Trust. You can also minimize your estate tax liability through the use of a marital trust.

Establish Ground Rules for Beneficiaries

For example, if you distribute your assets through a Will, that distribution will happen one time and it will be final. With a Trust, you can manage distributions over time and under your terms and conditions. A Trust may also be a good means of preventing a 19-year-old son or daughter from inheriting a large estate all at once. Instead, a Trust can provide conditions that put off that final distribution until your adult child has reached a certain age, while still providing funds for his or her education and other priorities.

At Eufinger Law Offices, we pride ourselves on keeping the cost for these Trusts affordable. To learn more about Marital Trusts, Living Trusts, and other types of Trusts that may benefit your family, please contact Eufinger Law Offices at 937.642.1819.