As a Tenant or a Landlord

Whether renting or leasing property;

It is always advisable to use a written agreement and to have that agreement drafted or reviewed by your attorney. When the relationship between a landlord and a tenant breaks down, this often results in an eviction – the process by which a landlord seeks to recover property from a tenant. Landlords in particular have many legal responsibilities that, if not properly followed, can result in penalties or other setbacks.

Eufinger Law Offices represent both tenants and landlords, depending upon the situation. We can help you draft, update, or review a rental or residential or commercial lease agreement. We will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or as a landlord, and if appropriate, assist you in reaching an agreement to resolve a conflict with another party.

For landlords, we can assist you in with the process for evicting a tenant and avoiding common pitfalls that could result in penalties or other damages being assessed against you. For tenants, we can help you understand your rights and assist you with getting out of a bad lease or in avoiding a wrongful eviction.

To learn more about our Landlord and Tenant services, please contact Eufinger Law Offices at 937.642.1819.