Deeds & Affidavits

We Prepare a Variety of Deeds

Real Property Deeds are proof of ownership of our lands and homes. You can structure a deed such that your real property passes to your spouse or another loved one virtually automatically upon your death. There are several options for allowing your real estate to pass on to a loved one upon your death outside of the normal probate process.

At Eufinger Law Offices, we will listen to your goals, review your Real Property Deeds, and advise you of your options. We make sure your current deeds are drafted in a manner that will help you accomplish your goals.

We can prepare

  • Joint Survivorship Deeds
  • General Warranty Deeds
  • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Survivorship Affidavits for surviving spouses or other loved ones
  • Transfer on Death Affidavits

Like Survivorship Deeds, these “TOD” Affidavits enable individuals to automatically leave real property to their loved ones outside of their probate estate. Unlike a Survivorship Deed, the person receiving the property will not actually receive until after the grantor’s death. Additionally, TOD Affidavits are fully revocable up to the grantor’s death.

To learn more about our services related to Real Property Deeds and Affidavits, please contact Eufinger Law Offices at 937.642.1819.