No Need to Face Your Creditors Alone

Eufinger Law Offices Lead Toward Repayment

Families facing staggering amounts of credit card or medical debt should not have to face their creditors alone. While no attorney can promise a particular outcome, the legal team at Eufinger Law Offices is experienced in helping clients put a stop to harassing phone calls from creditors. We initiate a path towards repayment of legitimate debts under terms and conditions that our clients can readily afford.

3 Most Common Mistakes Consumers with Large Debt Face:

1.) Failing to respond to a complaint filed in court within 28 days of receiving the complaint.

This can result in a court awarding a default judgment against you, which means you will have little to no basis for proving your case one way or the other. Even a simple response when plead properly can at the very least open up a process where the parties can meet for a mediation and add months to the amount of time before the debtor receives a judgment against him.

2.) Enlisting with a so-called “debt consolidation service”.

These usually result in the debtor paying thousands of dollars to a third party before he or she even applies one dollar toward the underlying debt problem. These debt consolidation services can put a person in even more debt.

3.) Failing to negotiate a reduced balance from the total amount due.

The good news is that creditors are often willing to accept less than the face value of their debts in full and final settlement of a pending account.

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