Foreclose with Us

We Defend Against Foreclosure Actions

No family should ever have to face the possibility of losing their home alone. At Eufinger Law Offices, we will help you mount a defense to a foreclosure action. Our team will review your mortgage contract and your note, and work to prepare a response.

We will also help you organize your family’s budget and determine what resources you have available that may help you remain in your home. Alternatively, we can assist you with other options in lieu of foreclosure if staying in your home is not a possibility.

While no law firm can make any promises or guarantees, hiring an attorney to help you defend against a foreclosure action as opposed to not responding and letting the process run its course can add months to the time you may be able to remain in your home.

To learn more about our Consumer Advocacy and Foreclosure Defense practices, please contact Eufinger Law Offices at 937.642.1819.