For most people, real property is the most expensive asset you will own. If you are in the market
to buy or sell real property, you want to be certain that your rights over this asset are fully

One of the advantages of working with a law firm such as Coleman & Eufinger is that we not
only understand real property law, but also the realities of working in a highly competitive
real estate market. We understand that when dealing with real property, time is of the essence,
emotions often run high, and every transaction is unique. We will work to help you draft real
estate contracts that are clear and easier to enforce.

We will help you evaluate a number of creative options if it appears a transaction will require
something more in order to complete a sale. For example, we can assist you with splitting a
parcel of land, spreading out a purchase over a period of years through a land sale contract,
creating an easement, or providing you with a purchase option that protects your interests long

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